Premium Albacore Tuna

Experience the gourmet flavor of troll-caught albacore tuna.

Our albacore is caught and frozen by family-owned vessels, guaranteeing gourmet sashimi grade quality. It's delicious, healthy, and sustainably sourced. Visit our online store for canned white albacore in a pop top can. Try our smoked albacore too - both made in the Northwest.

Product shot of gourmet hand filleted and hand packed white Albacore Tuna from High Seas Tuna Co.


Indulge in our Extra Fancy Solid White Albacore - the ultimate gourmet tuna experience.

Who we are

High Seas Tuna has a history dating back to the early 1960s, when the family started building and operating boats that have been involved in the albacore fishery ever since.

High Seas Tuna Fleet

Wendy Seaa, Maverick, Marina, and Mikette are family trollers that produce top-quality surface troll-caught albacore. The fish are bled and blast frozen at sea, making them highly desirable for sashimi, sushi, and loin markets. We are proud to bring this premium tuna to the gourmet canned market.