About Our Troll-Caught Tuna​

High Seas Tuna stands apart from other canned tuna brands as our family-owned vessels ensure the quality of our albacore. We proudly stand behind our product.

Our hand-filleted and hand-packed tuna loins are cooked only once, preserving their natural value. Our “natural solid pack” contains no added water or oil, just a pinch of salt.

  • High Seas has 5 times the heart-health Omega 3 oil than other brands.
  • Less than half the sodium of other brands.
  • No additives are used, resulting in a difference you can taste!
  • High Seas has been tested for Mercury content and was .058 ppm, 94% less than the FDA limit of 1.0 ppm

Troll-caught albacore has a mild taste that even non-fish lovers enjoy. It’s versatile in the kitchen and can replace chicken in many recipes.

“Troll-Caught” Albacore Tuna Basics

Troll-caught albacore tuna is caught by slowly towing jigs behind a boat, harvesting 3 to 5 year-old fish known for their mild taste and versatility.

Fishing Boat for Troll Caught Albacore Tuna
For almost a century, commercial fishermen in North America have been using the low-impact and environmentally responsible technique of trolling to harvest albacore. In contrast, albacore fishing fleets from other countries typically employ different fishing methods.

Young troll-caught albacore have a higher concentration of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than their older, larger counterparts, which are associated with reducing the risks or effects of heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, lupus, and other diseases. Because of their natural Omega-3 content, the mild meat from troll-caught albacore is rich and satisfying, and requires less mayonnaise or other unhealthy fats in your favorite recipes.

Processing methods can also affect the Omega-3 content in canned albacore. Major brands usually source their albacore from older, larger fish that have been cooked twice, which makes it easier for workers to handle large amounts of tuna. However, this processing method results in the loss of most Omega-3s. To preserve the Omega-3s and flavor, some fishermen offer their own custom-canned troll-caught albacore that is hand-packed and cooked only once in natural juices.

It’s important to note that identifying and finding troll-caught albacore can be a challenge. The majority of albacore available in the US is typically harvested by foreign fishing fleets and consists of older, larger albacore. Thus, consumers who want to try troll-caught albacore may have to inquire specifically at restaurants, seafood counters, and supermarkets. However, some retailers and restaurants in the Pacific Northwest do offer troll-caught albacore.