About The High Seas Tuna Co.

High Seas Tuna's History: A Family-Owned Albacore Fishery Since the 1960s

The family trollers Wendy Seaa, Maverick, Marina & Mikette produce top-notch surface troll caught albacore that’s bled and blast frozen at sea. This type of albacore is highly sought after by sashimi, sushi, and loin markets, and now it’s available in gourmet canned form. Major brands typically pre-bake their tuna in ovens, causing the natural Omega-3 oils to be mostly removed and bleached away. Vegetable oil or water is added before canning, diluting the tuna’s natural flavor and health benefits. Our quality loins are hand-filleted and hand-packed. The can is cooked only once and sealed to preserve all the natural value of the fish. This is a “natural solid pack,” with no added water or oil, just a pinch of salt. Try our premium canned albacore and taste the difference!