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Smoked Albacore Tuna Fillet

As low as $7.00 per can


Our solid white sashimi grade hand filleted and hand packed Albacore Tuna is processed with a natural smoke blend of hardwoods. Available in 6 oz cans.

High Seas Tuna Co. exclusively sources sashimi-grade, troll-caught albacore tuna from our own fishing boats. Our fish is air blast frozen at minus 35F, and hand filleted and packed before being sealed and cooked only once. These young, surface troll caught albacore are lower in mercury and higher in omega-3s than the larger longline fish used by major brands. Our fishing, handling, and canning techniques ensure the most nutritious and delicious gourmet albacore tuna.

Ingredients: Albacore tuna, salt, sugar, spice, natural hardwood smoke

Net wt: 5.6 oz (160g)